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Far Infrared Therapy for Arthritis Far Infrared Therapy for Arthritis

Far Infrared Therapy for Arthritis Pain

What is arthritis? Arthritis refers to more than 100 different muscle/skeletal conditions. The most common diseases of those more than 100 are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout and increasingly, fibromyalgia.

Most of the symptoms of arthritis are characterized by joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness. For most people arthritis pain and inflammation cannot be avoided as the body ages. In fact, most people over the age of 50 show some signs of arthritis. Joints naturally degenerate over time. Fortunately, arthritis can be managed through a combination of therapy, medication, exercise, rest, nutrition, and, in some cases, surgery.

Far Infrared therapy has proven to be one of those therapies that can effectively help you manage the pain of arthritis. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) can penetrate up to [3.5] inches beneath the skin and directly apply to the area that cause the pain. Among Far Infrared (FIR) healing benefits are its ability to:

  • improve blood circulations;
  • enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body's soft tissue areas;
  • remove accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation;
  • relax muscles and spasm.

In the ends, those effects all work towards relieving arthritis and pain caused by it.

At Firheals.com, we offer a full range of proudcts, from therapeutic kneed band, elbow band, wrist band, waist band, to gloves, and socks that can be used for managing arthritis symptom. Our far infrared therapeutic products had been used widely in Asia for over a decades and enjoyed #1 reputations. For more information, please check out our products for the corresponding body parts from above or check out our far infrared therapeutic products catalog .

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FIR Therapy Leg Band
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FIR Therapy Leg Band
FIR Therapy Leg Band
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01.FIR Therapy Gloves for Arthritis & Raynauds Disease
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03.FIR Therapy socks for better circulation - 3 Pairs

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