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About Us

About Us

Apollo Advanced Technology International LLC. was founded in 2004 in Keller, Texas of United States. Our mission is to bring technology advances in science research to the daily life of ordinary people. We Currently focus on health and wellness products related to Infrared light. Our products ranges from Near Infrared LED therapy light system, to far infrared clothing products and far infrared mineral lamps.

Our company has been consistently operated under the founding principles that guided us to our present success.

  • Treat Customer with Integrity
  • Guarantee in Product Quality
  • Diligent in Customer Service
  • Competitive in Product Price


Our commitment to these principles has won the trust and loyalty of our customers. We have been growing stronger ever since we have been founded.

Our Far Infrared Therapy Clothing Market - FirHeals.com, is our interface to our customers. You can read information related far infrared therapy, purchase products through the online store and contact us via the website.

Our products have been widely used in Asia for over a decades and is the #1 brand in far infrared clothing category. You can be sure when you purchase any of the far infrared clothing products from us, we stand behind it and offer you a 100% satisfactory guarantee.


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